Schooner Lily Says Goodbye to 2017

  • By Jamie Newhart
  • 05 Jan, 2018

We had a great holiday season and are looking forward to our returning and new passengers in 2018.  We had some fantastic local businesses charter for their holiday parties and hosted the first annual Scotch and Cigar Sail aboard with the Cask and Ash Club of Palm City.   We are happy to say the water visibility has instantly improved with the stop of discharges on the 29th of December!  Our local dolphin have been very active, and we've seen tons of bait fish.  

Here's a fun youtube video I found with the Lily featured

Saint Lucie Currents

By Jamie Newhart 05 Jan, 2018
By 7016317993 31 Aug, 2017
   Fred, Rowan and I are back from the cool waters of Maine sailing and are now melting in the Florida heat.  Captain Fred has begun his first yard project, and I get to work in air conditioning.  The Lily cover structure, which we make with tarps, pvc, and 2x4s  held up well for the last couple months.  The structure is great for not only protecting the boat, but also allowing us to work through most weather conditions.  
   I hope Fred gets to do some of his own posts for his wooden boat construction/maintenance, but for now I will post occasional updates.  Right now, he is working on deck, removing and replacing quite a bit of decking on the bow and amidships.   The process of removing planks is often the most time consuming as their are rusty nails and tar that are sometimes difficult to remove.   We use yellow pine, most likely from northern Florida, for the deck, and caulk and oil for protection.  
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